Glitter Roots! Glitter Roots! Glitter All The Way!


Holiday season?! More like glitter season. *Z formation finger snap* It’s December already?? Your rushing to find time for a touch up appointment? Glitter roots, my pretties. Say it with us: Gliiiiiiitter rooooots. Here at Moxi we have a recipe for a custom glitter for your holiday look. Reds, pinks, silver, gold, rose gold, blues, greens, you name it!

You’ll be set for that Christmas party and New Years too! Rock it on your roots, strategically paint it on a braid (with the salon quality brush that comes with your glitter!) Paint it on your ponytail, your front hairline as a headband, dab it in the part of your hair for a more subtle pop if you have that kind of self control.. We don’t. The sky is the limit!

Psssst. Hey guys… It works well for beards too. Juuuuust sayin’.

We’ve caught the glitter bug. Drink the Koolaid with us. It’s fabulous just like you!