Dirty Hair? Don’t Worry!

Washing your hair daily is not good for your scalp, hair, or hair color.  We recommend washing as infrequently as possibly (typically 1-3 times a week).  By going days in between washes you give your scalp time to balance out the natural oil production which actually helps your hair NOT get oily and dirty.  Daily stripping of the oils is what causes overly oily hair.  When the layer of oil is removed from your scalp, the sebaceous glands will produce even more to make up for the lack of oils.  Now you see how the the vicious cycle of oily hair/frequent washing happens..

But what can you do to help with second day flat hair?  Well, let me tell you about this magical product out there: Dry Shampoo!  There are 2 different types of dry shampoos; Sprays and Powders.  We carry both, and they are bother wonderful but people typically have a preference.  Sprays are great for giving all of your hair a boost, its good for people who use hairspray and like to add a little volume to all of their hair.  Sprays are also great for camouflaging any unwanted odors that can be in your hair (cigarette smoke for example).  Powders are more concentrated and are usually applied directly to the scalp.  Also, powders tend to absorb excess oil more than a spray would.  Our favorite powdered dry shampoo is made by VERB.  We carry the entire VERB line at Moxi Hair Salon.  Not only are the amazing, vegan, all natural, they are also only $14!

Stop in to Moxi Hair Salon 2168 W. 12th Street in Erie PA to try some out!


Enjoy this little video tutorial of the VERB Dry Shampoo powder