Moxi is now an EVO Salon!




what does it mean to be an evo salon?
evo is found in select salons globally (wherever good hairdressers are well stocked). evo salons are professional, innovative and self motivated; they have integrity and individuality. they are industry leaders that thinks for themselves, challenge boundaries and inspire change. evo salons are serious about their profession but they don’t take themselves too seriously. they are making hairdressing real, sensible and cool again.

what is the evo network?
a salon that sells evo products trains in advanced techniques and shares the evo vision: to be truly professional – to stand for truth, beauty and justice. stylists that work at evo salons are professionals who are always looking to further themselves, who enjoy their craft, sharing knowledge with their clients and helping to satisfy their needs.
what does it take to become a evo salon?
a salon must meet evo’s high standards of professionalism, continue to undergo evo education and represent evo’s values and philosophy.

why go to an evo salon?
evo salons provide great service, the latest in styling techniques and professional products. their stylists will be real with you, ‘dirt under the fingernails’ type real (they won’t confuse you with technical bollox or tell you about the latest miracle product they have to flog you. they will simplify and share their knowledge – honestly teaching you about your hair and the products they are prescribing you).