Makeover at Moxi

We at Moxi love and appreciate our clients so much that we like to take time and give a little back as a ‘Thank You!’ as often as we can. A few months back we started a makeover contest. One of Sara’s clients, Nicole Lowry, nominated her Aunt Jeanne Sperduto for the makeover.

Nicole wrote: “Jeanne was in a motorcycle accident in late June 2013 that left her in a coma for several months. She was just released from the hospital and is going through rehab as she suffered a traumatic brain injury. Her boyfriend who was driving the motorcycle was killed in the accident. Jeanne is a wonderful person with many family and friends behind her. Her hair looks drastically different now…being in a bed for so long caused her hair to matte behind her head. We had to shave it off several weeks ago and while it is starting to grow back nice…she is very self conscious about it. Her hair is short and she is waiting for it to grow out so a makeover for her would maybe be some color? or perhaps trimming it to help it grow out more evenly. I am hopeful if she won this contest that a new hairdo would build her self-confidence back up.”

Jeanne was a clearly the perfect candidate for a makeover! She was an absolutely pleasure to have in the salon and quite the firecracker! We hope that she loved her makeover as much as we did doing it for her. Thank you Nicole for nominating such a wonderfully deserving woman.

Here is her ‘Before and After’ photos. Haircut, color and style by Tiffany Donor and Make-Up by Karlyn Sardo




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