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Moxi Hair Salon’s mission to to bring the most fashion forward and on trend services to our clients while being environmentally and ethically conscious. We are firm believers in continuing education and mastering new skills. We are a 100% cruelty free salon and offer a large variety of vegan choices for our clients. We are also completely gender neutral and price according to service not sex. At Moxi we pride ourselves in giving our clients our utmost attention and will go above and beyond to make sure our client absolutely love their new look before they leave our chair.

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  1. Hello my name Is Bunnie Sullivan I am a current resident of Pittsburgh Pa and I am moving to Erie Pa. I am looking for a salon that I can maintain and establish a career in.
    I am very interested in your salon, I would love an opportunity of getting to know more about it and send you my resume . Hope to here from you soon.

    Thank You
    Bunnie Sullivan

  2. Hi I was wondering pricing for cuts and I like lavender /silver color I’m not from Erie just moved here in June. I just had the worst experience probably ever I ‘ve always gone to a good salon here I went somewhere in Erie had hair to the base of my neck n long bangs I left my hair grow so I get and angled Bob my hair got so messed up I had to go to another cheap walk in place to try to get it some what fixed and now it’s kinda in a pixie style I just had about 4 in taken off my whole head. This has never happened to me. I’m freaking out out. Idk any salons and I went down 8th st yesterday morning and found ur salon and u girls are totally my style. Plz get back to me I’ll even send u the pics of my hair n what it was suppose to look like lol I laugh now cause I just can’t believe it but I’m getting used to the pixie I just need some pastels n color in it to make it more me. I’m always up for any cut any color. As long as u warn me if ur going to chop a lot off lol. I would like to make an appointment with becca in about 2 weeks

    • So Sorry Brookelynn! We just saw this post. Please come into Moxi, we will make sure you get exactly what you want done with your hair. Sorry you had such a terrible experience elsewhere. Hopefully you will come in and we can make things better for you.

  3. Looking for a new Person to Cut N style my Hair.
    I’m a Male, 60 years old like it long but need it to be controlled, if you know what i mean.
    In Business so I need to look good.
    Wondering if you think I might be a fit for your place?

  4. I have a 14 year old daughter who has back length hair. She classifies herself as a awesome nerd lol. She is interested in vivid color. Either dark purple color and gradually getting lighter towards the ends or keeping her natural brown color and adding purple to the bottom half. Do we set up a consultation and then have to book another appointment or is this done the same day. I ask because we are slightly over an hour away. She would also need a trim. She has experimented with colors in the past…blue, pink, etc but the place we went to only got pink right. She asked for purple and got blue, she wanted red streaks and got orange! We are now willing to travel for someone to get it right. We researched and narrowed it down to Moxi. My daughter also has alopecia so right now she does have a couple patchy baldness but her long hair covers them. When she was 8 to about 11 she was completely bald and it grew back. Chances are it could all fall out again so while she has it she wants something in style, edgy, and cool.

  5. Hi my name is Mary, I’m a black women looking for a hair Solon that can work and take care of my type of hair. I would love to color my hair plum but kind of scared lol and cut to a long bob. If you have any experience with ethic hair please email your thoughts please and thanks.

    • Color prices depend of the amount of hair you have (amount of product used) and how much time it takes. You can give us a call for more info or to set up a free consultation 814-835-6765

  6. Hi, I was just wondering if you would ever consider hiring a 17 year old girl for cleaning, sweeping, greeting clients and booking them or anything else needed. I would want to be around hair stylist and begin working around hair and stuff. This place would be perfect to learn and be around while I start to attend cosmetology and esthetician school in the next year or so. Your guys hair styles and overall not so average hair salon would be exactly what I would be looking for. I have good people skills and have worked before . I was just wondering if you guys would consider working with someone my age to get
    experience with working in a salon enviroment

  7. Hi! I am interested in getting hair extensions but I was hoping to buy my own because my hair texture is wavy and usually hair extensions only come straight. I was wondering if I could buy Micro-Bead/Micro-Ring or Keratin Pre-bonded extensions and have someone at your salon install them? Thanks!

  8. I was just wondering if you do scene-style haircuts. I’ve wanted to get it cut for a while and I was hoping I could get that style. Please let me know! Thank you so much!

  9. I want to get klix extensions in early january. i also plan on dying my hair black. can i color my hair and get extensions in the same day?

  10. I am interested n getting hair extensions.Ive had them before. it took a long tie 8 hours 1 day and 4 the next. They were of the Keratin product. How long does it take to have a full head done, thanks

  11. Hi! I’m a, for lack of a better term, female gender-non-conforming masculine-ish person who’s had some terrible experiences getting hair done in the past; both quality of cuts and attitude from stylists. You guys seems like such a person wouldn’t bother you. Would you be willing to work with me for cut and color?

  12. Hi there! I was at your salon on February 11th. The gal who did my hair did an amazing job and I’d like to book with her again if possible. However, I cannot remember her name. Any chance there’s a way to look that up?

  13. Hi there! I was in on February 11th and the gal who did my hair did an amazing job. I’d like to book with the same person, if I could, next time I come back. However, I cannot remember her name. Is there any way to look that up?

  14. I thought I’d been to every salon in Erie, until I saw your salon. I’ve been searching to no avail for someone who can give me a long, feathered shag haircut. Everyone says they can, no one has. I can’t even get long layers. Did they stop teaching that in cosmetology? Also, I can’t find anyone to match my color and give me subtle highlights. I’ve tried every salon in Erie and the last time, was horrified to see that I was given pitch black hair with bright magenta highlights. If I were 16, that would work for me. Alas, I’m not. Do you have someone there that can give me the cut and color I’m looking for? It’s ok to say no and I’d rather, if you’re not sure, you just be honest about it.

  15. I want to get natural hair extensions put in. I’ve had glue in which damaged my hair was wondering what “klix” is. And how long they stay in.

    • Klix is a brand of extensions that are high quality human hair. They are wefts of hair that go in with micro beads. If you would like to see them in person please call to set up a free consultation 814-835-6765

    • Hello Kassi,
      A lot goes into how long colors last, every client is different. I believe our color line has some of the best reds out there. If you are looking into vivid colors like bright reds and purples its definitely dependent on the clients hair quality to begin with and the aftercare. You are welcome to schedule a free consultation to go over the prices, what to expect, and aftercare information. 814-835-6765

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